Explaining The Musical.ly App

The app that turned the world of the internet upside down is Musical.ly. Musicians and music lovers around the world had been using this app to build their social media profile. This app opens the opportunity for them to connect to their fans and friends around the world.

What is the Musical.ly app?

The app called Musical.ly is a social media platform application that allows its users to create,post and share short videos. They can create short videos with the length of 15 seconds to 1 minute containing footage of them doing a lip-sync of their favourite music. They can create interesting videos using other added features such as filters, special effects, voice overs and additional ambient sounds if you want.

What are otherfeatures?

Another good thing about Musically is that you can easily edit your video. You can create different effects that would make your video look great and interesting to your viewers and followers. Here are some of the following features you can use.

  • Slow video mode
  • Epic video mode
  • Fast video mode
  • Normal video mode
  • Time Trap
  • Time Lapse
  • Relativity Options

These video features control the speed and other effects. You can use these features to create a different impact on your video or how you want your viewers to view them. The most important is that you can interact with your fans or friends in your social group. Just like any other social media platform, these people can follow, share and like your video posts. Creating more interesting, funny and intriguing posts will attract more people.

Popularity of the App

This social media app is now popular around the world and it even reaches up to 90 million users that were officially registered in June 2016 compared to 10 million users last 2015. Since 2017 the app users had already reached over 200 million.

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