Is It Easy To Set Up Your Own Mu Server?

Mu Online is the Korean Fantasy MMO Action RPG version of Planetscape: Torment and Diablo. The Diablo comparisons mostly root from its similar top-down isometric camera view. It plays kind of like Diablo with a mix of common MMORPG tropes to boot. However, it’s a whole different animal from your usual action RPG, Japanese RPG, or western RPG. It’s also relatively easy to set up your own mu servers if you know how. If you’re clueless about it you need to read up on the basics of setting up a server. If you’re experienced in setting up servers in general then there’s no extra learning curve to specifically set up your own since it’s included in the Mu Online F2P game download package. Webzen has it all covered for the most part.

What Else to Expect?

  • A Popular MMORPG: Mu Online is a really popular MMORPG that has a huge playerbase. It also comes with PvP duels galore on an open world with the caveat of a morality system and stat punishment when you break the rules of the land by being a criminal. To be more specific, a self-defense system goes into effect every time PvP duels are engaged almost to the point of discouraging such actions or at least curbing over-enthusiasm on PvP to highlight the more cooperative aspects of the game.
  • Release Dates: It was released in South Korea back in 2001 and was originally a for-pay RPG like many others of its kind. It was eventually released in the West, namely North America and the European Union, on 2003. So it’s technically almost 18 years old but it’s been known in the western world for about nearly 16 years. It’s something worth setting up your own server for because it has a fun Diablo-style gameplay without necessarily being a lazy Diablo clone.

Why Not Download This?
Even though at this juncture the game is F2P or Free to Play, some might prefer League of Legends over this unknown South Korean diamond in the rough fantasy RPG because LoL is familiar and this one is quite unfamiliar, with over years and years of content updates. More than a decade’s worth for sure. It also has a high level cap of 400+, so newbies might not want to bother with it.

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