Hub Services: Pharma Companies’ Way To Centralize Drug Distribution

Speeding up access to healthcare services is the aim of using technology in the health industry. Even the government has been convinced by its necessity. In fact, the HIPAA law wouldn’t become one if the government and hospital administrators haven’t seen its importance.

But, technology also makes the life of pharmaceutical companies in distributing medications. Thanks to the creation of hub services pharma, never has it been easier to directly distribute the needed medications to the patient, without complicating the process for the patient.

There are a lot of reasons why pharmaceutical companies opt to avail of hub services.

  1. Financial support for accessing their medications.

Originally, hub services started out like call centers. They provide financial support to pharma companies in pursuing their research on certain medications, especially that there is a rising trend in orphan drugs.

This ensures that proper research studies are done before certain drugs are released for public use.

  • Hub services ensure well-organized drug distribution process.

Medical hubs can serve as a one-stop shop for manufacturers. Aside from providing pharma companies a chance for patients to access their medications, they also serve to do the following services as well:

  • Reimbursement
  • Distribution
  • Clinical monitoring adherence
  • Reporting of outcomes
  • Hubs serve as a bridge for manufacturers to connect with prescribing physicians.

Since the distribution process of the medication is centralized, there is only one access point for the physicians to get the needed information regarding the product. They can directly ask for the indications and contraindications of the drug, and the manufacturer can readily support them in this aspect.

Plus, the manufacturers can gain access to meaningful patient data needed to complete their research.

  • Ancillary and nursing services can gain access to hubs as well.

Aside from physicians, ancillary and the nursing service need some solid support in medication administration. Having full support with the use of their products ensures patient safety, leading to better outcomes.

Thus, the impact of availing medical hub services cannot be denied. However, it is still up to the manufacturer to opt using their services, or do the whole process their own way.

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