How To Choose An IG Password That No One Can Hack

The world of social media continues to grow indefinitely and before we know it, we are practically living in the virtual reality that we have created. IG or Instagram for instance has already been a significant part of our everyday lifestyle that we actually couldn’t live without it.

And for this reason, it is ever more important to value our privacy which we have entrusted in our respective IG accounts. Data privacy is also as important as our social media connections that we have to ensure that our security will never be compromised because of some risks that we may have put ourselves into because we have been so lax and nonchalant with it. For starters, it would be best that we have to secure ourselves with a strong IG password.

Tips on how to have a strong IG password:

Having a strong IG password will make your account invulnerable to hacks and it will also be unconquerable from IG password hacker. Thus the following should be observed:

  • Never incorporate your name or birthday in your password.

The reason for this is because such words are very predictable and can be at risk of being found out as long as they know your name and your birthdate. It is best to make your password as random as possible.

  • Use special characters in your password.

Time and time again, it has been stressed to always use special characters in your password for your various accounts. This is to increase the security feature of your password. Special characters may include numbers and symbols to be added in your password.

  • Change password right away the moment you feel your account has been compromised.

It is important to never be too laxed on your IG password. If you feel like you have not logged out properly from another device or computer, it is best to change right away your password.

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